The Rainbow Watchers is spiritual fiction based on a true near-death-experience. It is a story of a young woman, unable to cope with depression and despair, who attempts suicide after the untimely death of her husband. While clinically dead, she encounters two luminous archangels, Metatron and Sandalphon, who usher her into the crystalline rainbow realms where every color band plays a part in her healing and the choices she faces. Her transformation and exercise of free will fascinate and challenge the traditional beliefs of the clergy, friends and family.

For all who have ever been swallowed by darkness, this book is a story of depth and miracles that await us on both sides of the veil.



What they’re saying about The Rainbow Watchers:

“By creating an unforgettable, mystical, heavenly realm and folding it seamlessly into a richly imagined story of redemption, The Rainbow Watchers gives us two most precious gifts --- the uplifting feelings of both hope and love.” ~ Leslie L. Hamel, Kingston, WA

“The engaging reality in The Rainbow Watchers is an uplifting journey of expansion and hope. Marlene King's vision, verity, and spirit shine.” ~ Marci Madsen Fuller, Author, Crosscurrents

“In The Rainbow Watchers, Elizabeth's enigmatic NDE beautifully illustrates the connection between our human chakras to the color bands in the rainbow. It opens the pathway to the power of love and ability to trust that the integration of our spiritual nature is always at work in our lives." ~ Sandra Custer, MSW

  • Marlene King is a writer, artist, mental health professional, dream consultant and former corporate executive who resides with her husband, cockatoo and two cats on the Puget Sound. Learn more at